Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Which Is Better – Wrought Iron or Fiberglass?

During my stint living in London, I developed a crush. On wrought iron fences. And I will say you the reason behind.

Stately, secure and strong, what is not to like? Every morning while sipping my favorite apricot cream flavored coffee in my Swedish style designed balcony I watch Lilian taking selfies at her newly designed patio with wrought iron fences and posting those pictures boastfully on her Facebook pages.

Though I don’t prefer giving her and her newly fenced patio much attention, but the striking appearance of the beautiful patio is something that surely cannot go missed. They didn’t only look pristine and stately, but the fence panels really looked sturdy and added more security to the house.

As soon as I took the last sip of my coffee, I rushed for a shower thinking that I might not miss my flight as I was about to visit my parents staying in Georgia after 2 whole years (breathe a sigh of relief, that finally I am going to my home). With work taking a toll over me here and with no offs allowed for the project I was working in, taking leaves had been next to impossible.

Finally, I boarded the flight and was waiting for it to take off first as I couldn’t wait more being home. It felt like the clock is ticking really slow. In the mean time, I called and informed my mother that my flight is about to take off in some minutes. Her voice was equally filled with happiness to be able to see her daughter after so long.

And finally am Home!!!! After having delicious and mouth-watering mom handmade foods, I sat down to chit chat with my mother in our backyard. And seeing it in a dilapidated condition, I thought to give it a makeover with some beautiful furniture pieces collection and strikingly looking fences.

While surfing Google, I found so many fence types made from a variety of materials. Around my neighborhood, I had seen metal, cedar, vinyl, steel, chain link, wrought iron, fiber and a number of other types. So, shopping for the apt one got very confusing upon seeing such terms being tossed and interchanged.

As I had seen Lilian’s beautifully looking wrought iron fences, so, I decided to give my patio a makeover with those fences only. But before arriving in any conclusion, my mother suggested me to talk to my uncle once (for his vast knowledge on what fence types to go for). I agreed immediately.

I gave him a call in the evening around 7 PM and he was very happy hearing I am home and also invited me for a dinner with his family. After talking him for an hour and knowing pros and cons of various fences, I got confused between wrought iron and fibreglasses.

To my utter surprise uncle also cleared out this confusion by narrating me a fact that many of you might not be aware of (I think)!!

Did You Know Wrought Iron Sink the Titanic?

The RMS Titanic had more than 3 million rivets holding the steel plates together on. Present day forensic evidence recommends that some of the rivets used in the front of the ship were wrought iron. When the Titanic struck the iceberg that night in 1912, the impurities in those wrought iron rivets caused them to sheer and opened up the steel plates of her hull like a zipper - condemning the passengers to an icy death.

Isn’t it a thing you had missed??

He also suggested me to visit fandfcompositegroup.com and take a look at the fiber fences they offer. I instantly took my search over the web, and guess what I found? FiberFence is a personal favorite among army troops especially the US Army! What can be more satisfying than this statement! Once I found this, I knew that I'm on the right track and all thanks to my uncle Mr. Jason.

Comparison between Wrought Iron and Fiber Fencing

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fencing like most common metals is susceptible to rust damage over time due to excessive weather exposure. You need to put in a little bit of maintenance from time to time to keep everything looking right with these fences. They are heavy and take a lot more work to attach properly. A vast majority of wrought iron fences are open designed, which means one can see right through them. And this can hamper the security of your home to some extent. The fences are dense, heavy and more difficult to work with. They are comparatively expensive and it’s quite easy to see why as compared to fiberglass fences.


Being a fiberglass fence owner you are lucky enough to not stay worried about anything. These fences are painted using special powder coat paints which makes them extremely durable, weatherproof and waterproof. This too makes them extremely hard and not likely to fade over the years. They come in low maintenance and can be effectively cleaned with a wet rag or just by spraying it down with a hose, which makes them affordable to buy. Their modular build make the fences highly desirable.

So, Wrought Iron Or Fiber Fencing?

Hopefully, this all adds up to make your decision an easy one. fandfcompositegroup has several high quality fiber fence styles at the most affordable prices available on the market today!

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

LED Outdoor Lighted: Benefits for Commercial Property Owner

There is definitely a trick to outdoor lighting. Done right it can light up your house and garden beautifully when the sun sets. And done wrong it is nothing but an expensive and unnecessary eyesore that can keep you and your neighbors awake. Knowing the right decisions to make with LED outdoor lighting will yield results that you can be proud of. The house looks welcoming with no dark shadows and with the entrances and driveways well lit, secure and beautiful.

Despite the season, turning a deck, patio or outdoor space into an additional family space with beautiful furnishings and necessary modern amenities is becoming common these days. Seeing sofas, chandeliers, pergolas and rugs used outside are not unusual these days. fandfcompositegroup manufacturers are making this transition easier with expanded lines of decorative LED outdoor lighting meant for all-weather use. This trend of accessorizing outdoor areas with traditionally indoor lighting has gained momentum over past few years.
In the last few decades, the renewable energy has taken the world by storm. It has been deemed one of the solutions to the ever rising environmental problems that the world is facing today. Undoubtedly, the conventional and industrial energy production techniques used today are slowly killing the earth. Hence, the need for clean renewable energy comes into picture in the form of solar led lighting.

Solar power LED lights add a lot many features to outdoor landscaping, giving improved flexibility while designing your garden. These outdoor lights are easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Popular home uses of outdoor solar lighting include wall mounted lamps, pathway light sets and freestanding lamp posts.

How Outdoor Solar LED Lights Works?

It is basically the collection of solar energy from the sun and turning this energy into light by using the photovoltaic effect process which is done in the solar panels or photovoltaic cells. The energy gets collected during the day time and then is stored in the rechargeable battery cells for later use in the evening or night time.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting?

LEDs are a very smart investment for any commercial property. Their efficiency, attractive appearance and the security they can afford are all the benefits in and of themselves. Also, additionally, these factors can increase your profitability both in the long and short run by a combination of increased customer appeal and cost reduction. Installing LED outdoor lighting is a good way to benefit from the instant results that go beyond the standard benefits of other conventional outdoor lighting systems. They are good for your community (by improving safety), good for the planet (by consuming less energy) and good for business (by cutting down costs).

  • Professional Installation
    When contacted an outdoor lighting installing specialist to trust with the task, they should be able to help you out while executing the finer details of the project. There are so many things to consider and someone with expertise and experience will be able to look at your property and give you all the necessary advice so that you can trust enough to move ahead with the project.
  • Aesthetic Appeal
    Like any outdoor lighting, LEDs can work wonder for how your property appears at night. They create an eye-catching beautiful landscape, which in turn gives passers-by and visitors an awestruck view when passing by. It also creates a look that is preferably more professional and clean-cut, which gives off a sense of competency and trustworthiness.

  • Energy Savings
    The most measurable benefit of LED outdoor lighting is the money it saves. You will be highly grateful when the power bill comes as the lights do not use electricity. LEDs use 50-80% less power than the conventional lighting, which means a drastic cut down in your power bill. LEDs are also a great way to show environmental responsibility to the public, which is a highly crucial factor for all commercial property owners to consider.
  • Safety

    This is one of the most essential reasons to consider LED outdoor lighting. Since they do not use any power cords, wires or electricity, they are safe to use near swimming pools or ponds.

To Conclude
It’s hard to say why LED lightings are being popular for outdoor uses these days. Of course it is great that you do not have to burn your pocket for paying the electricity bill, but more crucial for the folks is the fact that you do not have to install any wiring. Just take the light out of the box, put it beside your garden or walkway and you are ready to go.

If looking for affordable and reliable LED outdoor lights, find out more about it via fandfcompositegroup.com.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Extra Perks That You Never Knew About LED Outdoor Lights!

I know a lot of people who have spent a lot of time travelling to places due to their work profile. They stay in a constant flux and cannot settle down to any place in particular even if they like it. So, whenever they get an off from work for a couple of days, the backyard becomes their place of solace. Kevin’s father is one of those persons. One day when I visited his house I saw him in the backyard with Mr. Norris. I recalled, Kevin told me his father has come back home. The sun was already down the horizon and suddenly Mr. Norris turned the switch on, and immediately the whole backyard illuminated like a movie scene with a bunch of beautiful LED outdoor lights. I saw long straps of glass with LEDs on the edge were spread over the fences and the lawn. I was so awestruck that instantly decided to have this kind of decoration in my backyard too. So, I asked Mr. Norris about them and he happily explained everything about these outdoor lights, the benefits and all. Here in this post I am listing exactly those tips and information so that anyone can make their backyard a place where you can cherish your leisure.

LED outdoor lights: limitless possibilities

One thing that I clearly understood from Mr. Norris’s suggestions is that it can be implemented in any backyard irrespective of the size. The possibilities are endless and they are only limited to your imagination. Plus they can be used in many different ways. Below are some ideas that might make you feel interested towards this product.

Best for Gardening: If gardening is more than just a hobby for you then there are several LED outdoor light options available for you. These can help you light your garden at any time of the day. Apart from that, many of these lights come on small sized stakes that can be placed anywhere on the ground.

Extra perk :  With these small stacks of light on the ground you can easily show your prized collection or you can also light those small night-flowers that is difficult to nurture otherwise.

Energy efficient : One of the best things about this light is that they’re immensely energy efficient. This not only saves a great deal on your electricity bill but also they will not overheat your precious flowers.

Extra perk : If your lights are too powerful then they can surely damage the growth of your flowers and plants. Just the right amount of light will enhance their growth and definitely embellish the overall aesthetics of your garden also.

Driveway lighting :
We all know that some of us live in houses where street lights cannot provide adequate light on the driveway. But with this beautiful LED lights you can say goodbye to the hassle of parking your car in the garage. Nowadays, you can also find LED lights that are placed on the edge of a fiberglass strip. These are best for such decorations since you don’t have to bury the cables anywhere and make a mess.

Extra perk: 
These decorations can be used both in the drive way and the lawn. With these lights you get function as well as attention. Rest assured these lights will leave your neighbors awestruck in wonder.

Some other functional benefits : 
  1. Most of these lights are very easy to install. You do not have to go through the ordeal of burying cable which eventually ruins your plants and garden.
  2. You just have to plug in the lights and attach to a low voltage transformer power unit and you are good to go. This makes it cost effective and makes the decorations less cluttered.
  3. This decoration has a multi-purpose facility. You can easily shift the lights from the drive-way temporarily to the back-yard in case you need some extra lights for a party you are planning.
 In a nutshell:

Much like Mr. Norris many people indulge in stay-captions instead of going places during the holidays. So, if you want to make your backyard or patio your own little heaven of delight, these smart LED outdoor lights can really rejuvenate the place with the decorations. Tons of websites are offering such products, so you can find the perfect one easily. Just visit their website and compare the prices to get the best deal possible.

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